Pak’Cafan Empire server first 16 man Explosive Conflict!!

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So awesome guys!!!


Kheeling things…

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While we had a much better night on Tuesday than on Thursday I’m pleased that we at least killed 2 more bosses! Hopefully next week it will be even better now that everyone knows what’s going on. We probably could have finished the instance if we didn’t have TS problems, but whatever. Lets keep kicking butt and soon we’ll start Nightmares!

Here are two videos for you!

First 16 man Hard Mode

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Very impressed with last nights group! It was our first 16 man as a guild and we went right to hard mode and cleared ALL of Eternity Vault. Very good job last night guys! Not the cleanest clear, but hey not bad for two shotting him!

I do apologize for the poor picture. Remind me to have us all line up nicely around the dead bosses for a better picture. I’ll add a video of the kill a little later. 🙂

Soa Hard Mode Down!

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We finally managed to kill Soa on Hard Mode! This is a couple weeks old, but I’m just now getting around to posting!

We love Civil War!

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A lovely 3 cap win

4 healers + Civil War means we can’t kill, but they can’t either!

We felt bad and let them cap at the end…Still 600-0

Pak’Cafan will be on the Juyo server…

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Welcome to the Empire recruit! Grab your gear and move out! Show those Republic dogs what your made of!

Official Word: We are going Empire

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Official word came down from the Inner Council at the end of last week that we are going Empire. This gives our players a head start the think about what class they want to play. Will it be the fury of the Sith Warrior? The Hatred of the Sith Inquisitor? The thrill of the hunt for the Bounty Hunter? or the subtle elimination of targets with the Imperial Agent?

If you are looking for further details on everything Empire, please refer to this post on our forums. It contains some general game info that has been officially released as well as details pertaining specifically to the Empire side.